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Meet The Team

In May 2022, Whimsic Alley opened its doors to hundreds of avid fans of the Wizarding World, inviting them into a mesmerising & magical shop like you've never seen before.
Whimsic Alley was designed to be different, styled to look like a shop you could find on the wizarding street of Diagon Alley!
From the cloudy sky ceiling and the huge Fairy Trees decorating our magical shop to the ability to adopt your very own companion for your first day at Hogwarts!
We invite you to visit us here in Scotland & take in the beautiful sounds of the Harry Potter soundtrack as you walk around one of the most beautiful & magical shops in Scotland!
We call her the "Boss Witch", owner of The Lonely Broomstick & a proud Gryffindor!
Loyal House-Elf & Designer of everything magical, Leslie is a proud Ravenclaw!
 The hardest working House-Elf at The Lonely Broomstick & official Barista of our famous magical beverages! Scott is a proud Hufflepuff!
Master of Potion-Making, official Potion Master of our School of Witchcraft & Potions Experience! Amanda is a proud Hufflepuff!
Groundskeeper of The Lonely Broomstick, making sure everything is kept in tip top condition! Jim has yet to be sorted into his Hogwarts House!
 Headmaster of The Lonely Broomstick & our most loyal customer! Lover of Coffee! You may get a glimpse as Bruno visits The Lonely Broomstick on a daily basis!